Yes, that’s right, summer isn’t over yet, and here we are enjoying the last few precious weeks of sun kissed skin and tank tops. But how we do make the most out of the next few weeks? By seeing summer through a new lens. After taking a peek at the Warby Parker summer sunglasses on their website, I decided to try them on and style a few.


Day Date: While getting ready for my day date to the Bergdorf Winery in Michigan, I took the time to center my outfit around the Ripley Sunglasses . These glasses provide the perfect amount of retro cool to any chic outfit, without looking like too much of a bold move. For me this was key in styling my outfit because I am not usually bold in my eye wear choices. (Plot Twist: Out of all the pairs I tried on, these were my favorite. I even might splurge on a pair!)





Paired with dark wash skinny jeans, this tank from Target and an old cardigan from Aeropostale, I made my way to the winery, with my new shoes from Hautelook.


I also wanted to incorporate styles that most college kids, including myself indulge in on our non-dressy days.


IMG_1632-1I paired my Gamma Phi letters, with the Ingram glasses in root beer. What convinced me to try these glasses? The rich color and name. Who wouldn’t want to say that their sun glasses are the color root beer? A sweet summer color for the remnants of the warm weather is amust, plus with 100% UV protection, these are a necessity.  Paired with a simple pair of Soffe shorts, and flip flops, I was ready to take on the day.




Previewing for… Fall?

Anyone else feel like the retail business rushes us from season to season? Maybe that is why we as Americans run around all the time. We feel the need to constantly move around, because the retail market moves quickly too. Already at work we are bringing in our pre-Fall stuff. In July. It is absolutely crazy to think about it. Christmas decor already lines the walls of Hobby Lobby, and they began to put up the christmas trees. Before I know it, my sweaters will be back out of storage and my cute tanks and tees will be folded neatly into those nifty little space bags.

However, I will hold onto summer for as long as I can! What are you summer must have styles?

summer styles


The Perks of “Audible” Books

AUDIBLE_WEDNESDAYWEB As I begin my journey of reviewing and s urveying the services available now a days for reading, one of the major names that continuously pops out is Audible. This is a website with hundreds of thousands of books that are not meant to be read but to be heard. When I initially heard of this website, I was intrigued. A Youtube Beauty Guru, Meghan Rosette first introduced me to the website and offered up a code for a free book.  So why did I quite my membership? Well, to begin with audio books are not for me, and honestly neither is the price tag, considering I can read for free from my library and I have a Netflix account to pay for.

That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t cool however. Check this out: If you become an Audible member, you receive one book a month for the price of 14.95, then after that 30% off of every other title you chose to read (listen to). While this is awesome, at the same time, it is not really reasonable for a person who goes through three to six books in a week at any given time.

However, it is totally convenient for the busy person who listens to books on the subway, the morning commute to work or when trying to sleep at night. I love that this company is linked to Amazon, which helps with credibility. For my personal needs though, I need to hold something in my hands and visualize the words to process. 

While the website is not perfect, it does have some minor organizational items such as rating books and library views, the good seems to out way the bad.

Not only that, the customer service is wonderful, and what better reason to use a company other than great product and service? You can cancel at any time, no hassles. If at some point in time I become too busy to sit down and read a book from cover to cover, I definitely plan on starting back up again!


*This post was not sponsored and contains my own opinions and experiences.

A New Princess Diaries Book?!



As I was reading up on my morning emails, something caught my eye. Meg Cabot has written a new book, and not just any book. A new PRINCESS DIARIES BOOK. While this series is technically considered for the young adult genre, you can bet that I will be reading this book. Meg Cabot has come up with this ending to the fantastic series with a novel for adults.

What better way to celebrate one of my favorite young adult series than by reading ” A Royal Wedding,” where you guessed it… Mia finally ties the knot.

Head on over to Meg Cabot’s Website to find out where you can pre-order this book TODAY! Set to be released June 2nd, 2015 for the US, this will definitely be something you don’t want to miss!

Have You Heard?

This just in… Reese Witherspoon has her own clothing line. Yes, you heard correctly. The southern bell we all know and love created a line of her own.


So you’re saying that we can now look just as good as Reese does in day to day life? Yes. Yes I am.

When you type in Draper James and visit the home page for the first time, the beauty that is Reese is humbly set before you.

Go explore and let me know what you think!

Hydrate Up, Girl!



 All the time in the news, from your parents and friends you hear to drink water. Apparently 70% of our bodies are made up of this little molecule and helps our bodies function from purifying and flushing out toxins to keeping our skin healthy, water does it all. So when I decided I was ready to make a change for the better the first step taken was to drink more water. I bought a water bottle with markings on it so I could keep track of how much I was drinking a day. Then the question became, how much can I drink before it is too much?
This simple calculation can tell you exactly how much to drink on a day to day basis
take your weight and multiply that by 2/3 or 67%
it’s that simple.
Then adjust it for exercise and you’re on your way to a hydrated lifestyle!